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Western Lake Ontario is known for its world-class Salmon & Trout fishing

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Good Morning, it is Saturday August 23rd and there are quite a few people waiting at the docks and in parking lots to check out the lake conditions. A Steven King style fog rolled in yesterday afternoon and rolled in and out for a couple hours; then it was gone. This morning it was a little foggy and so far appears to have cleared up. There is a fog advisory in some areas . There is a little northeast with 1 to 3ís building to 2 to 4ís this afternoon. Hopefully it stays good enough for all those boats out there.

Some said the fish are west stacked in 90 to 150 fow. Some are heading to the Niagara Bar to check it out. Many are starting in close in 40 fow, some are going offshore into 350 plus. They are kind of all over the place so there is no specific area happening. It is overcast so those glows are going to smoke up the lake today.

Robin Schooley won the $100 daily salmon in the Odyssey with a 21.11 king. There were a few guys kicking themselves this morning for not weighing their kings in this week during the Odyssey for the daily prize. There is a 15.5 steelhead leading the trout division in the Lineman weekly. Enjoy your day!

Good Morning, it is Friday, August 22 and an excellent morning for lake fishing. The air temps are good, the water however has itís spots. You really have to get out there and look for temp and fish to find the right spot. There are some inside, some offshore, some midwater so it is kind of all over the place The water temps are so variable it has turned plain old fishing into sportfishing for sure this year. There are three tournaments on this weekend if you are into earning that gas and tackle money. The LOC is on until Labor Day and that 25K grand prize is quite desirable to anyone who fishes. The Fish Odyssey is on until Sunday and there are plenty of species to choose from to tournament fish. Top secret programs are running out here as everyone is chasing the big bucks and trying land a fish with dollar signs on it. It isnít so secret to say that several using the new N & D Pacific herring are doing extremely well Ė that is if you are into cut bait. If you arenít a cut bait person, blacks, silvers and green, glow and black are working really well in spoons and flies. . Basically, most are catching fish. A lot of kings mid-20ís and the usual group of anglers not in tournaments catching the 25 to 30 pounders. Steelhead seem to be hiding somewhere and those numbers just arenít there currently for both steelies and browns. I donít know where they are, but most say offshore at 500 is the place to be to get a guaranteed catch. Some are east, some west , some at the bar Ė so it is really your call for the big derby weekend. It is a good time to enjoy what is left of this weird summer. Many are finding temp only 20 to 30 down in several areas, so put those good batteries in your probes and get out there and find your hot spot.

Mason Blevins got a 28.05 king yesterday out of Olcott and is leading the Lineman and won the $100 daily for the Odyssey. There are several who forgot about the Odyssey special prize of 700 dollars to biggest king caught during the tournament . That sweetens the pie for Bryan Lukehart and Jennifer Helman who are leading that part of the tournament with a 24.12 king. Good luck to all and have a great day!

Good Morning, it is Thursday, August 21st and the lake is looking foggy, but flat this morning with a south breeze. The marine forecast looks good for the next few days into Monday. The lake rolled over and things are a little different temperature wise. It is 37 degrees inside about 40 down, 53 on top. 500 fow has been a good bite with a lot of mature kings and some steelhead. The water warms up as you go out farther. There have been a lot of 22 to 24 pounders being caught the last couple of days. Browns are scattered and have become a little harder to find with any size. There were some catching 9 and 10 pounders on spoons and cleos.

The fish are there and I have heard more people say they had a big one on. That doesnít get them to the scales too well.

The Fish Odyssey goes until Sunday and is 20 dollars a person. There is a lot of room on that board to get the family fishing. They need some parents to take their kids out there and catch some salmon, walleye , carp and trout. They get really good prizes and fishing for them is free. Many are beginning to run cut bait. Spoons in black, green, silver are the hottest colors currently. NBKís are a hot spoon. Some are into the blues and purples and the bite has been really good in the early evening until dark. Just get to the scales before 8 pm if you are derby fishing. There are many who arenít tournament fishing and are catching fish. Iíd say more than half the people fishing out here arenít tournament fishing.

If you are in the Odyssey, sign up to join LOTSA at any registration outlet before 7 or online at Itís ten dollars a person and there is a 700 LOTSA prize in the Odyssey that is wide open for anyone currently. The awards for the Odyssey are this coming Sunday in Newfane. There is a lot of room on the LOC leaderboard to place there and it should be a fun weekend on Lake Ontario. Have a great day!

Good Morning , it is Wednesday, August 20th and the lake is flat, no wind , no rain and a good one for fishing out here today. It's variable on what is going on currently. Most are into fish, some can't get them to bite. They are scattered working different areas, inside, mid-water, offshore at 500 feet. The stacked kings apparently moved around, some are stacked off Wilson. The water is colder. Black and silver, purples and blacks, chartreuse and green glow spoons, are hot colors right now.

We had a tragic accident in Olcott last night and Christian Gothgen, 49 from Snyder drowned after a small sailboat accident. He was wearing a life jacket, in a small 10 foot Sunfish flat bottom sailboat in 4 foot waves and the boat capsized. Very sad news for his family and friends. His boat had capsized in the harbor before he went out. Several people in the marina requested him not to go out, but he was spirited and wanted to try the boat on the waves. The water temp was 47 degrees and the sail was hitting him after the boat capsized a bit west of the harbor about 4 pm. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends from everyone in Olcott.

The LOC salmon leader is out of Olcott currently and so far this morning people have big ones breaking their junk off.Just good to know some are getting those big boys to bite. When all else fails and the fish aren't biting, it's time to work that cut bait. Someone just put a big one in their box! Have a great day!

Good Morning, it is Tuesday, August 19th and the lake is in great shape for some fishing. There are plenty of people out there today. Many of them derby fishing and many of them just rec fishing. Itís kind of all over the place. Marks are everywhere, big hooks stacking off Olcott and Wilson. Getting those big kings to bite is another thing. Some are doing well out in 400 fow out of Olcott and Wilson. A few are in close trying to nab those big kings and some browns. They are catching kings and steelhead offshore. We saw some sweet kings yesterday, good sizes Ė a lot of black on them. The king Richard Acer caught the other day was pure silver and looked like a jumbo spring king. The rest we have seen have been black. Purples, blacks and silvers are hot colors right now. Steelhead havenít been much in size the last few days . The big boys are playing hard to get. Everyone is using their favorite program. Some of their programs have shut down on them. Spoons, meat and flies are all working currently. There isnít as many people fishing today as yesterday. Yesterday was the busiest on the lake we have seen in a while. The browns seemed to have scattered from their usual spots. Thatís about it for this morning. Have a great day!
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